Smart City

Urban Control Systems

We accompany the challenge of observing, verifying and intervening on incidents in urban areas, from the smallest to the large conglomerates, adapting to the objectives of each one of them


What do we observe?

Income and expenses of cities / towns, counting of people (pedestrians, etc.), vehicles (intelligence in reading screens), among other situations of interest.


How do we act?

The situation is analyzed and action protocols are activated, according to their importance and urgency: Notice to previously established contacts, competent security forces, other entities acting in the event of accidents (eg firefighters).


Other solutions

Smart Cities includes Photo fine systems, posters, digitized management systems for neighborhood complaints, channeling of telephone calls, WhatsApp, social networks, etc.

Safe City

  • Project
  • Installation
  • Performance monitoring
  • Maintenance
  • Cameras
  • Monitoring system
  • Video analytics
  • Fiber optic laying
  • Radio links

Smart City


New generation local 911

The 911 Municipal Alert System is a multi-channel solution that integrates different technologies in order to receive reports, complaints and alerts to be managed in a faster and more intelligent way, dispatching them to the actors involved in the process of solving the problem of citizen security


Alert 311 citizen complaints

The 911 Municipal Alert System has a module designed to receive and refer calls that come from citizens other than emergencies. In some countries this municipal service is served through the abbreviated 311 or 147 number. Alert311 increases communication channels and does more efficient dispatch and referral to the corresponding areas.


Mobile apps

The SmartCity solution incorporates to its different management modules mobile applications for smartphones and tablets designed for citizens or government personnel. These tools make it possible to bring the government closer to the citizen and improve the management of public policies through participation and collaborative action in real time.


New generation command center

The complexity in the care, monitoring, operation and comprehensive management of security and emergencies in cities requires workspaces designed to organize and coordinate more efficiently all the actors, areas and functions involved. SmartC5 is the transformation of traditional Monitoring Centers to Command, Control, Computing and Intelligent Communications Centers with international ISO quality.


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