21st Century professional training

Security – Defense – Cybersecurity – Intelligence

The problem of crime, the increase in the use of technologies, the generation of new criminal markets and the complexity of solving crimes, means that both police and judicial personnel not only receive the classic training, but also require training. them a permanent training and updating of knowledge and of the processes and sciences that make the prevention of crime and the clarification of criminal facts.

The objective is to carry out actions based on a work methodology in which theory and practice are integrated. It is characterized by research, discovery learning and teamwork that, in its external aspect, is distinguished by the collection, in a systematic way, of specialized material according to the subject treated with the aim of producing a tangible product.

Our Courses


Introduction to Digital Research, OSINT and SOCINT13 Weeks
Introduction to Cybercrime and Cyber Intelligence13 Weeks
Investigation criminal17 Weeks
Theoretical introduction to Digital Forensics17 Weeks
Introduction to the profiling technique applied to the criminal investigation of sexual crimes13 Weeks
Introduction to the profiling technique applied to the criminal investigation of homicides13 Weeks
Introduction to Criminal Intelligence13 Weeks
Proximity / Community Police Operations18 Weeks
Cyberterrorism8 Weeks
Narco-criminality13 Weeks
Innovation and Technological Disruption applied to Public Safety9 Weeks


Police, Law Enforcement Agencies, Judges, Prosecutors, and Judicial personnel engaged in the tasks of investigations and expertise.



The trainings are carried out in an online format. An online exam is carried out, being necessary to answer 70% correctly to pass.



With the approval of the Course, a Certificate will be issued approved by a Recognized University of Argentina and / or Latin American Security Certifying Organization.

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