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We monitor CCTV cameras at our clients’ location, with highly trained personnel in our Monitoring Center that works 24 hours a day, 365 days a year


What do we observe?

Perimeters, income and expenses, cities, companies, gated communities, private houses. Within them, production lines, activity and people counting (employees, pedestrians, etc.), domestic service and vehicles (intelligence in patent reading).


How do we do it?

With video analytical technology, software that detects alert situations in real time, cameras with volumetric detectors: thermal or visible light, among other tools.


What do we protect it from?

Intrusions, loitering, interruptions / inactivity or accidents, criminal acts.


How do we act?

Activating action protocols, depending on the situation: Notifying contacts that the client previously establishes, bosses, supervisors and / or competent public or private security forces.


We work with advanced technology

  • Night vision
  • Anti-vandalism
  • Thermal
  • With volumetric detection
  • With zoom and movements (domes)

They work with our analytical video system, allowing to issue alerts in real time, differentiating people, animals, vehicles and objects in HD.


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